Photo of Alvina - Owner and Artist at Fantasy Faces

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas Face Painting Friends!

Photo of Alvina - Owner and Artist at Fantasy Faces

Alvina here, but you can call me Vina.

I’ve owned a little company called Fantasy Faces Ltd. since January 2013. Fantasy Faces Ltd. provides face painting, glitter tattoos, balloons and other entertainment for children (and adults) at birthday parties and corporate functions.

It’s time I introduced myself. My advisers tell me that I need to show people who I am to succeed in business, so (gulp!) here it goes.

I am an artist, specifically, a painter. I’ve painted for years, everything from flowers to landscapes to abstracts and beyond. Painting makes me happy.

I love children. And I STILL have no grandchildren!

alvina2      Calgary face painting spiderman

One day, I found face painting, which combines two of my loves, painting and children.

I liked it so much I bought the company!

When my clients (children) are in my chair, with their faces upturned in anticipation, I envision that we are in a spa. Vina’s spa for children! I am there to provide a service to these children, one that will make them feel good all day, no matter what’s going on in their lives.

As we move into the Christmas season, children are on my mind. Children hoping for their favourite toys, children marveling at the light displays, children flying down hills on their saucers. Christmas is, after all, for children.

There is a little child in all of us.

There are many “little children” to thank for the on-going success of Fantasy Faces Ltd.

calgary face painted butterfly on childFirst, my models, children: without all your sweet eager faces, I have no business. Thank you for allowing me to bring smiles and paint to your faces. Bringing you joy brings joy to my soul. Thanks to moms and dads (and companies) who hire Fantasy Faces Ltd. and entrust us with your most valuable treasures for a few moments. We are privileged to serve you.

Thanks to all my staff who share their talents with Fantasy Faces Ltd.’s customers. I’ve so enjoyed working with you to spread joy and happiness.

As you all celebrate the holidays in your own ways, my wish for you is that you will easily find the child-like joys in small wonders: a snowflake on your mitten, an engorged silver moon casting diamonds on the drifts, that first bite of a warm, home-made butter tart.

As you share your abundance with your friends and families, I urge you to look at Christmas through the eyes of a child, perhaps a child that doesn’t have all the joy your inner child has. We are very blessed but not every one is.

Join Fantasy Faces Ltd. as we contribute to Angel tree this year. It’s our way of sharing our abundance and another way to bring a smile to the face of a child. I wish you blessings in the holidays and prosperity for the New Year.