Services and Rates – Face Painting – Temporary Tattoo’s – Balloon Art:

Face Painting

butterfly face paintingWe only use FDA approved water base body paints for face painting like Ben Nye, Paradise, Snazaroo. We can paint anything from a small ” ice cream cone” with sparkles to a “full body painted leopard” Our body and face paints can be easily removed with a little soap and warm water. Some of our darker colors i.e. black, red require a bit more scrubbing; body lotion and/or baby wipes tend to work best when trying to remove the darker shades.

Face Painting Rates :

$105.00 includes GST/Calgary We can paint up to 10 Full Faces or 20 Smaller Cheek Art Paintings in 1 Hour – the cost to paint each additional child is $10.50 includes GST.

Henna Tattoos

henna tattooing on ankleWe do NOT use black dye in our henna paste. We offer both modern and traditional henna designs. We have henna designs for both guys and gals. Our henna designs can last up to 2 weeks. We do Children’s Henna Parties!!! Rates: $105.00 includes GST/Calgary We can apply up to 10 medium size Henna Tattoos in 1 Hour. The cost to apply additional tattoos is $5.25/each incl. GST

Glitter Tattoos

star glitter tattooWe only use FDA approved body glue and glitter. Our adhesive stencils are discarded after each use. Our glitter tattoos are water resistant so are great for pool parties. Our glitter tattoos can last for up to 5 days! Rates: $105.00 includes GST/Calgary We can apply up to 15 Glitter Tattoos in 1 Hour. The cost to apply additional glitter tattoos is $5.25/each includes GST.

Airbrush Tattoos

airbrush flower tattooWe only use FDA approved body safe paints. Our re-useable stencils are sanitized with 70-100 percent alcohol after each use. Our airbrush tattoos are applied using compressed air, an airbrush pen and body safe paints. Airbrush tattoos can be easily removed with soap and water. Our airbrushed tattoos can last up to 2 days. Rates: $150.00 includes GST/Calgary We can apply up to 30 Airbrush Tattoos in 1 Hour. The cost to apply additional airbrush tattoos is $5.25/each incl. GST.

Balloon Twisting | Balloon Sculptures

twisted balloon flowersBalloon Twisting is the art of shaping modeling balloons into animals or items. We use 1 or more modeling balloons. We offer (Pre-twisted) Balloon items. Rates: $150.00 includes GST/Calgary We can twist up to 15 Balloon items in 1 Hour. The cost to twist additional balloon items is $7.25/each includes GST.


balloon-a-gramOur Fantasy Balloons are sure to please. Whether you just need a handful of balloons for your next party or a BALLOONAGRAM to say Happy Birthday, I love you, Congratulations, Get Well or I’m sorry, we’ve got you covered. We have a large variety of message foil and latex balloons to choose from. We take GREAT pride in creating your special Balloonagram for your loved one. Rates: $75.00 includes GST and Delivery within Calgary Sorry, no costume deliveries

Balloon Decorating

wedding hall balloon decorationsWe custom design balloon decorations for any event; weddings, birthdays or special occasions. Our balloon decorations include table top bouquets, floor bouquets, balloon arches, balloon pillars and more. Needing just a handful of balloons filled with helium for your next birthday party or thousands filled for your next corporate party NO PROBLEM-We can help!!! We make Table Top Bouquets, Floor Bouquets, Balloon Arches, Balloon Pillars, Balloon Sculptures and more. Let us add a whole lot of color and excitement to your next party/event with eye popping balloon displays!!! Contact us for a quote.

Body Painting

Calgary Bosdy PaintingWow! Body painting is an art that is rising in popularity all over the country. We do body painting with acrylic paints used for the face and all sorts of enhancements like werewolf hair, scars, gore. Your imagination – or mine – is all you need to start the canvas. We also use the airbrush and stencils to do amazing designs. One of the most requested designs is a full arm sleeve using the stencils. Roses and skulls are the top of the list! Let us use your canvas today!!! Contact us for a quote.